Safe Baby Wearing Tips

Baby-wearing saved my sanity and kept my little one safe! Those are pretty huge claims, but I believe them absolutely. Five of my six babies wanted to be held at all times, which made navigating daily life rather tricky. Wearing them snuggled against me in a carrier kept my arms free, enabling me to do things like eat! Wash dishes, read a story to my other children, take a walk while pushing a stroller, and basically having my arms free for parenting when my baby needed me close. It also helped ensure my newborn's safety when those adoring older siblings wanted to come "play" with the defenseless little one.

Whatever type of baby carrier you ultimately decide on - and I advise you to try on as many as you can in advance - here are some basic guidelines to help make sure your baby is worn as safely and securely as possible. Click on the link below for a handy PDF, and happy baby-wearing!

Tips for safe baby wearing PDF.

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