Dads Love Doulas

While reading through some testimonials from clients I wanted to share how moms and dads felt I was able to help their birth experience. Most of these are from doula clients, though some are from photo or childbirth class clients as well:

"My husband was especially encouraged because he knew that she could be counted on for advice and assistance while I was in labor."

Inanna birth doula"I am SO happy that (my husband) was able to just focus on the birth instead of trying to capture it, what a wonderful gift that was!"

"Both of us feel more prepared and excited for the arrival of our baby girl. I especially liked practicing the coping strategies and labor positions. (My husband) also liked going over the labor positions as it made him feel more prepared for the big day."

"She was always there for me and my husband. She made us feel so calm about everything. At the birth she was such a great support. I especially loved how much she truly cared it was like she was my own family member."

"She is very attentive to every family member’s needs. Her wealth of knowledge is deep. We highly recommend Heidi.”

"Her presence was extremely calming to me throughout – she has such an encouraging demeanor. She was constantly my advocate, doing everything within her power to make me as comfortable as possible. My husband greatly appreciated her as well – her presence freed him up to focus completely on me while Heidi took care of other details"

“My wife and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found Heidi. She was an invaluable source of comfort and inspiration to us throughout the pregnancy and birth. We highly recommend her!”

So if you're a father concerned about whether a doula will be an intrusion into your experience, I hope these words will provide reassurance to you! My goal is to always support the father in supporting the mother. YOU know her best, and you are the best advocate for her needs. As your doula I'm there to help ease the concerns and make the day go more smoothly for you both. Any questions? Please shoot me an email and we can talk further. I can be reached at Thank you!

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