Planning WAY Ahead!

Conversation with my 5 year old son (J) and 7 year old daughter (E) tonight:

J: "Mom, when I get a wife I want you to be her doula."

E: "You don't get to pick the doula, your wife gets to pick the doula."

J: "Okay, but I hope she picks Mom!"

E: "Or I can, because I'm going to be a doula. Or can I take your pictures?"

J: "But Mom said she would do it for free."

E: "I'll do it for free, too!"

They decided that I can be the doula and E can do the pictures - if J's future wife agrees.

E also asked if I would be willing to be her doula, and if I am okay coming to eight births because she's going to have lots of babies. Then she shared that a friend told her giving birth hurts, so my seven year old asked if I can help her learn more about birth so she won't be scared.

I told her yes, I can help with that. 🙂

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