I’ve Been Reprimanded

My second birthed happened relatively fast - I knew I was in labor all day but I stalled on going to the hospital. When we finally went things kicked up fast - I had warned the midwife I anticipated a fast birth as my first labor was only 12 hours. Despite my warning, she was at home in bed when the nurse realized I meant business. Only my husband and I were in the room when I loudly announced I was pushing and a nurse came flying in to catch. The midwife was on the stairs running up when she heard our daughter cry. I had gone from 5cms to baby in my arms in about an hour, with about 5 minutes of pushing.

My daughter was asking about this story and when I explained there wasn't a midwife or OB, just her daddy and the nurse, she asked, "And your doula, right?" No, I told her - I didn't know what a doula was back then. "But you had a photographer there?" Nope, no photographer either. She was shocked! How could I not have a doula and photographer??

It makes me smile to realize how much my work influences their perception of labor. OF COURSE you had a doula there, mom, right? 😉

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