Operation Special Delivery

Operation Special Delivery is a program providing free doula services to moms whose partner is deployed with the military, deceased or wounded, or who is away during the time of birth because of their service when the laboring mom has no other support person to attend her birth.

I was born while my father was away with military training. Here's my mother in the on base hospital in Germany shortly after my arrival:

My dad was also abroad during the births of two of my younger sisters. I saw other military wives supporting my mother through her pregnancy and the arrival of my youngest sister, with one woman acting as my mother's "coach" - though I would call her my mom's doula! It was a beautiful act of service and community and when my baby sister was brought home (from the prison ward of the military hospital, as the maternity ward was being renovated!) my mom and sister were greeted with banners made by neighbors in our on base housing.

So clearly the sacrifice of military families is close to my heart!

The first birth I attended as a doula was also a special delivery, a little girl born on Wednesday and her daddy had to say goodbye to her that Saturday:

As a doula I am honored to have the chance to support military families, and if you are a doula you can also provide this service! Sign up for an account at Doulas.com and mark in your profile that you are a volunteer with Operation Special Delivery. If you are aware of a family who could benefit from this service, send them to that same link and help connect them with a volunteer doula - and thank them for their sacrifice and service! 🙂

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