New for Photo Clients – Custom Flash Drives!


That's a bad quality image but it's the preview just emailed to me. I've tried a few methods to get the digital files to clients, such as Dropbox. I still love it, but it left some clients confused as to where they had downloaded their images and some clients don't want any of their images online in any way (even though the Dropbox link is a zipped file that only they have the link to access, after which I delete it.) I've also done CDs, but that requires burning and labeling and they aren't very pretty and are one time use and require mailing or delivering in person.

So I'm trying these instead! They are personalized flash drives, which you can order in a variety of sizes. What I got (2GB) should be plenty for the births I photograph. I also ordered boxes for them, which I can wrap up cute with a ribbon. It feels much more like a cute than a boring CD. 🙂 Plus they can be re-used and with my logo it's extra advertising! Though clients can also return it to me for reuse, if they don't think they'll need a flash drive.

There are a huge variety of sites to buy the flash drives from, so many styles and a lot of different container options. I think it's going to be a fun investment to use for my future photo clients!

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