Full Time Mom-ing

ImageThese are my six babies and my husband, Kit. This is the one week of the year that he has to work at the office due to a big work convention, so he's gone long hours and through the weekend. Our kids are so use to having daddy work from home (he goes into the office about 6 hours a day) so for them having him gone right after breakfast until after their bedtime is terribly traumatic. (Kit and I do find that amusing, as we know many parents have a work schedule like this all the time - we don't take for granted that his work situation is fantastic, and makes MY doula and birth assistant work possible.) So I'll be on full time Momma Duty this week and to survive Kit's long absence we'll be hitting the library, parks, playdates, swimming, PE, and staying as busy as possible. Well, until Mom needs a quiet day at home to recover. 🙂 I'll be quieter here as well as I stay off my laptop and enjoy my sweet kidlets. Have a wonderful week!

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