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Hospital Staff

“Recognize that even among skilled and compassionate medical professionals, there are two basic philosophies. First, there are those who believe you can cope with pain without drugs, who know how to support you through the pain, but who also have … Continue reading

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Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

“Endorphins are nature’s opiates. When we expend a lot of physical effort, endorphin levels rise correspondingly, especially when we are warm enough, feeling loved and supported, and, above all, when we are not frightened. Endorphins are a blessing, because they … Continue reading

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Doulas & Support Partners

“A 2007 analysis funded by the National Institutes of Health found that fathers who were more involved throughout pregnancy, including participating in prenatal care, childbirth classes, and being present at the birth, were more likely to participate in child-rearing and … Continue reading

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Resource List

Here is an Amazon link for books we have read and enjoyed enough to share! GENERAL PREGNANCY, BIRTH & NEWBORN INFORMATION: Ask Dr. Sears, one I reference often. Henci Goer, author of The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Birth The Midwife … Continue reading

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