Hospital Staff

"Recognize that even among skilled and compassionate medical professionals, there are two basic philosophies. First, there are those who believe you can cope with pain without drugs, who know how to support you through the pain, but who also have the wisdom and experience to recognize labors where drugs may be the best idea. Then there are professional who consider it unnecessary or foolish to endure any pain that drugs can do away with. If your goals match the beliefs of the professional on call, or assigned to you, you don't have a problem. However, if a major philosophical discrepancy becomes apparent, here's what needs to be done: Your partner (or birth companion) should go to whomever is in charge, explain what kind of support you are looking for, and graciously request that someone different be assigned to work with you. You'll be happier, and the professional originally assigned to you probably will be, too."

"Did you know that the way your nurse reports your progress to the doctor (often over the phone) may affect decisions about when and how he/she intervenes in labor? Often your doctor's only view of your labor is through the nurse's eyes. The personality and attitude of the nurse attending you in birth can be a surprisingly critical factor in your birth outcome. Her views on birth, pain, parents' involvement in decision making, and her capacity to provide encouragement, all will have a huge impact on your birth experience."

- Birthing From Within

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