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RSS Feed

My apologies – I didn’t realize that in some browsers my RSS doesn’t show up, and I was asked about subscribing to the blog. On the right under Social Media you should now see an RSS link, so you can … Continue reading

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Doula Bumper Sticker

I’ve been asked where I got this great bumper sticker – it’s from and they’ve got a lot of fun stuff for doulas (or other birth professionals) as well as parents. A group of us put in an order … Continue reading

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Newborn Exam

The Ballard score helps care providers assess what gestation the baby is based on various physical markers. You can read more about it at the link above but if you were curious why the midwives look at the wrinkles on … Continue reading

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So I Nursed Him Every 45 Minutes

As a new mom with a frequent nurser and high needs child I found great comfort in this article by a mom and dad about nursing their baby as needed. If you are struggling with the exhaustion of the newborn … Continue reading

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Breast Pump Options

I’m often asked about pumps and wanted to share some resources. I am NOT an IBCLC so please take what I say under advisement – your pumping needs may vary so it’s always good to chat with the professionals. This … Continue reading

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Want to Be My Client?

This is how my birth doula services work. My intake form which I need you to fill out before our first prenatal visit. The birth history form if you’ve had children before, which I also need before our visit. My … Continue reading

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Placentas! (Warning, Images Included)

Have you heard about placental encapsulation? Just the phrase gets a range of reactions from parents, but over the last year I would estimate a third to half of my clients have encapsulated their placentas. The feedback has been overwhelmingly … Continue reading

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Preparing Siblings for a New Baby – Book Ideas

Here is a post sharing some ideas for helping preparing siblings for a new baby, whether they are attending a birth or not. Here are some fun projects you can do at home to prepare siblings. And here are links … Continue reading

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Mommy & Me Mixer – Breastfeeding Support Group

For local moms, I’ve been hearing rave reviews about the new lactation support group being hosted by the IBCLCs at Denton Presby hospital. This page has more details: Mommy and Me Mixer Meets each Tuesday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. … Continue reading

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Special Scars – Katie Perez

Katie Perez is a wife and mom to 4, a birth doula, apprentice midwife, and had a vba3c with an inverted T incision in August of 2009. She now sits on the board of directors for the non-profit organization Special … Continue reading

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