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Pretty Pushers Labor Gowns

Have you seen the oh-so-cute Pretty Pushers gowns? I was intrigued, and this weekend I had not one but TWO moms birth back to back wearing these gowns – one hospital, one birth center. Things I love – ties in … Continue reading

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Hospital Protocols

A client shared with me her notes after a hospital tour. This is a facility with a strong reputation for both natural birth AND high risk situations, which I learned first hand as I birthed my 23 week preemie there! … Continue reading

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Action Shots – Me at Work!

I am so excited when I get to doula at a birth & the parents have hired a professional photographer. Recently I had the privilege of attending a birth alongside the very talented Jessica Rockwell. She was gracious enough to … Continue reading

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Cesarean Options

This is a wonderful video explaining options families have to make their cesarean birth even better. I am thrilled to see this and hope more hospitals will incorporate these practices.

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New Little Piggies | Denton Birth Photography

When we brought our preemie home from the hospital after a bazillion days my sister gave us a card. The front had some baby feet and the inside read, “Heard there are some new little piggies at your place!” Those … Continue reading

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Denton Presby – Baby Friendly Initiative and Tub

Update: Denton Presby no longer allows moms to use the tub for births or while laboring, despite MANY moms requesting it. 🙁 One of my doula certification assignments is to tour a birth center and a hospital and write up … Continue reading

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Hospital Staff

“Recognize that even among skilled and compassionate medical professionals, there are two basic philosophies. First, there are those who believe you can cope with pain without drugs, who know how to support you through the pain, but who also have … Continue reading

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Tips for Hospital Births (from hospital website)

I was happy to read these on the website for one of our local hospitals: No one will tell you that labor is going to be easy. But through a well-organized childbirth education class, you will learn strategies that will … Continue reading

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Pros & Cons of Epidurals

(From course manual, email me if you want the study citations:) As with all drugs, the use of epidural medications carries significant risks and can cause side effects in mother and baby. The severity of these risks varies, depending on … Continue reading

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Eating in Labor

From the doula guide again: When you are in labor, whether to eat is ultimately your personal choice, even though the hospital staff may strongly discourage or wish to prohibit it. Do your best to avoid a heated confrontation about … Continue reading

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