Birth Scriptures

I work with clients from a variety of faiths, and I believe that for most people their faith comes strongly into play during their birth experience. During my training I loved the chance to learn about various religions and cultural influences on how people birth - it's fascinating to me! On one of my intake worksheets I list possible coping ideas so moms can circle what they're interested in and they can try those things out during the pregnancy to see how it helps - massage, essential oils, hot pack, the birth ball, focused visualization, scriptures, prayer, etc.

Many mothers instinctively turn to prayer when coping with labor, and some will gather inspirational quotes, music, and scriptures. One couple mentioned they wanted to really focus on those resources during their birth and I thought that was a brilliant idea - I spent a Sunday afternoon searching for scriptures that were applicable to birth, then printed them up and made cards for this couple. I didn't get a chance to laminate them (that would be good!) but I put them on cute pink papers and gave them to the parents. The mom said she would hang them around her girls' rooms, which made me happy to hear - what a great way to also remember their special birth.

I've since shared these scriptures with other couples and thought I would post them here, in case you would like to use them with your clients or for your own birth. These are from the King James version of the Bible. In this area of the country the majority of the population is Christian, but I would happily help compile a list of scriptures for other faiths. I think that could be a wonderful way to spend another Sunday afternoon. 🙂 But for now here are the biblical scriptures:

Birth Scriptures

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