Belly Casting

(Our own with baby #5!)

Today our doula came (busy day - midwife in morning, doula in afternoon) and helped us make our belly cast. We bought the Rigid Wrap (plaster bandages) at Michael's and for two rolls it was $10.

Step one - everyone get gobs of vaseline and rub it all over Mommy. They love it already.

Step two - cut the rolls to size, dip each strip in warm water and wipe off excess, then lay it on Mommy and smooth it out.

Step three - wait about 20 minutes until it dries and starts to pull away, pull it off!

Step four - after it dries (takes a couple days) we'll let the kids put their handprints on it with paint and when the baby comes we'll add the baby's footprint.

It was fun, less mess than I imagined, and really cute. (Less mess - I realize I am covered in the plaster all over my pants but that was because B was "helping" and using me as a washcloth.) We're not sure what we'll do with it, probably just display it until the kids destroy it. 🙂

That last shot of Kit taking the cast off was Cs photo - he's getting really good! I'm excited to see what pictures he'll capture of the birth since he and Mo will both have cameras.

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