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Pregnancy Projects for Siblings

A fun activity to do with siblings or at a baby shower/blessingway is decorating onesies. You can find a five pack at the store for around $10 and grab some fabric paints (about $1/bottle) and get creative! Here’s a beautiful … Continue reading

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Beautiful Home Waterbirth

Video here.

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The Doula Difference

“When the results of these six studies were calculated together, the presence of a doula reduces the overall cesarean rate by 50 percent, length of labor by 25 percent, oxytocin use by 40 percent, pain medication by 30 percent, the … Continue reading

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Care in Normal Births

World Health Organization Report on birth practices, what SHOULD be done, what should be eliminated, and what’s often done and shouldn’t be. (Oh, like routine use of episiotomies??) Very interesting read.

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