Your OWN Baby Photos!

untitled (1 of 1)Do you have photos from when you were a baby? I recently ran across a photo of me at the hospital with my mother as well as these photos of my parents with me, I presume on my blessing day. My father missed my birth due to a military exercise taking him away from home - he was on the road on the way back when I was born, due to a mix up in communications he had carefully lined up to notify him when my mom was in labor. It was neat for me to see these photos from 36 years ago, in part to see how my own babies resemble me but also to see what my parents looked like when I was born. Admittedly in the day-to-day business of life we may pause long enough to get photos of our own children, but how often do we make sure that WE are included in the photos? And do we consider what a priceless gift that will be to our children when they are grown? I LOVE seeing these images of my parents when they were young parents! I'm thrilled that we have photos with each of our brand new babies, and that we were able to have photographers capture literally the first time we held some of our babies. What about you? Have you gone back through the family records to find photos of you as a baby? Go look for them! 🙂

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