What a Year! | Denton Birth Photography

Prior to beginning my certification process as a doula I had attended a couple births. I began my program at the end of April last year and my first "official" arrival was a year ago this week - a home waterbirth, definitely not the most common situation and one I was so honored to attend. This couple was incredibly well prepared and had a great care provider so I truly felt like I didn't do much! I had fun talking with the older siblings and helping with little tasks but mostly I was documenting with the camera. Prior to this I had not seriously considered birth photography as something I could do, and I had expressed my concern to the couple that I wouldn't do a good job. They were encouraging and supportive and I'll be forever grateful for their confidence in me, because attending their birth and photographing it was life changing! It's hard to believe that this sweet girl arrived just one year ago - Happy Birthday!!!

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