The Labor Progress Handbook

This book, The Labor Progress Handbook: Early Interventions to Prevent and Treat Dystocia, is on every single doula reading list I've seen. Several doulas said it was their number one best book for helping during labor. While the title talks about dystocia, it's actually all about optimal positioning in labor to help give mom and baby the best chance for a smooth delivery. Several doulas said they bring this to every birth in their doula bag just in case labor stalls, to give them ideas for position changes. Normally this book is pretty pricey - I've seen most of the reading list for $10 or less, and this book lists at $40 and seems to sell close to that because it's so popular. Amazon has it now for $27 with free shipping (for used - like new.) I wanted to share that in case any other doulas (or aspiring doulas!) wanted to get it at that price.

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