For many parents a big concern regarding hiring a doula is privacy - especially if they are anticipating a hospital birth then they know there will be a variety of staff in the room already. Adding an additional person may make them feel that they have even less privacy, and this is something that I try to address. As a photographer my job is to be a silent and unobtrusive presence. As a doula I'm more interactive, of course! But I also strive to be observant and to ensure that when you need privacy I help protect it, to include stepping out of the room myself when you and your partner need some alone time.

"We prefer a more private birth setting, and at first we were a little concerned how having a doula there would interfere with that, but Heidi fit right in and everything was so comfortable.  We don’t at all regret our decision to have her there for the birth.  She’s awesome, and I can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t love her!” -Teresa

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