Talk to Your Baby!

Denton birth labor doula While still in the womb babies can hear our voices, and become familiar with those they hear most. Of course their mother's voice is one we expect the to recognize immediately, and often we'll see infants stop crying or fussing to look up and stare at their mother's face when she greets them for the first time. Fathers don't always realize that their baby has also become familiar with their voice, and will often respond by being calmed and more alert when hearing him speak. There are situations in which a baby may need to be separated temporarily from their mother immediately postpartum, and in those situations dads usually accompany the baby to the nursery. I encourage dads to speak to their baby, as their voice may be the only familiar sound they hear. It's neat for the dads (and for me!) to see a baby soothed and calmed by the sound of their father's voice. This sweet baby girl was quiet and staring when her dad began talking with her - it was a precious moment to witness and I'm glad I was able to capture their meeting and little chat. 🙂

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