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This morning during lessons my seven year old asked if he could sit in my lap as he reads his new book to me. I smiled and said yes (as his weight slowly put my legs to sleep!) and this is why...

Here's my son seven years ago this week - he was two months old and was almost four pounds.

And this morning:


I can't stop smiling as he happily reads this chapter book to me, because I remember doing kangaroo care with him for hours and praying that his body would grow strong, that his mind would be strong, that his strong spirit would help him survive all he endured in the NICU. These littlest babies have such incredible spirits, and I'm blessed to be his mother.

When I talk with doula clients who have experienced high risk pregnancies and bedrest I want them to know that I understand! I empathize, I know what it feels like to desperately pray that your little one will survive as you lay there feeling helpless. It's why I volunteer now with Sidelines.org to support moms on bedrest, and why I wrote guest posts about warning signs of premature labor and coping in pregnancy after a traumatic birth. Moms can be high risk because of current challenges in pregnancy, or maybe they need some extra special care after challenges conceiving, prior losses, a traumatic birth experience, or a former preemie arrival. I know how scary it is, and I'm honored when parents ask me to share their journey through these special pregnancies.

Our son the first time his father was able to touch him:DCP_1250

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