Sneak Peek – My First Three-Peat!!

When editing birth photos there are many times when I see an image and it takes my breath away - I'm just so in awe of the sacred moments I'm able to witness, and these beautiful families welcoming their child.

This birth was extra emotional for me, as I go through the photos - I blocked out the entire month to be on call, and made sure I had flight plans for a trip to Canada coordinated the month prior so that I would be home long before baby was due, just in case. This little one is my first three-peat birth! I met her parents years ago when helping them welcome their first daughter, was giddy to attend when their twin boys arrived, and now was here to meet this perfect little bundle of joy. Three births, FOUR babies, and I saw them all come earthside. My cheeks hurt from smiling!!

Here's a quick sneak peak of the new darling... (and to this family - THANK YOU for letting me witness your story unfolding.)

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