Sneak Peak – Baby M

MA-11I like to stay in touch with my clients as they get closer to their estimated due date, and especially as they go past that date. I know they are probably being bombarded with phone calls, texts, and emails every day from loving family and friends all asking, "Is the baby here yet???" I don't want to add to that stress, but I do ask my clients to please feel free to contact me at any point and give me an update. If I don't hear from them in a couple days during that final stretch I may send a text just to let them know I'm thinking about them and ask how they are doing. So I had been in touch with this beautiful mom, and she was keeping me posted on how contractions were going over the last few days. I was reading in bed late one night (my husband already asleep) when I got "the call" - and when it's the husband calling instead of the mom I know things are serious! I was out the door fast, quietly sneaking out so as to not wake Kit or the kids. The birth was smooth and amazing, and I was back home before my household even woke up! And in perfect time to celebrate, as it was my husband's birthday.

MA-15When attending the Birth Stories 101 workshop I learned countless fantastic tips, but one I really loved was to try and get a photo of the baby looking at the camera. Some babies make that easy, but this little one decided to make me work for it! Despite my best efforts he was content to keep them shut, and so I took a step back and his father leaned in a bit further and spoke to the baby quietly. When he heard his dad's voice the baby's eyes popped open! He knew that familiar sound, and it was sweet to capture that interaction. I loved having the chance to attend the birth of this handsome boy.


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