Quiet Around Here! :)

www.ThadenPierce.orgIt's been quiet around here as I take some time off for family needs. (Well, quiet on this website - not so quiet in real life!)

As I work my way through previous Tips for Doula posts I am updating those, and I'm thrilled each time I'm notified that there's a new subscriber. For those birth professionals newly visiting, my Tips for Doulas section had become gigantic! I wanted to review & revise them all and set up a special subscription program for anyone interested in having access. (You can read some feedback from people on those posts here and sign up here.)

This summer I have three repeat mommas welcoming new babies (one here, two joining us soon!) I LOVE attending births, but I admit it's an even more enormous thrill when someone invites me to join them not just once but twice for their babies' arrivals. It's humbling to be invited to be part of their story!

My own family is still having some local adventures as we work through Ben's vision list. Once my doula babies arrive then we'll be taking some out of town trips. If you would like to read more about those you can check out Ben's Wish List on Facebook. And of course I'm also there with my (currently quiet) Better Birth Doula page. Come say hi!

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