Pediatric Options in Denton

I'm often asked in the childbirth class I teach about local options for primary care providers for their new babies. In our group class we have a pediatric nurse practitioner come speak and I'll include his link as well, but here are some local pediatricians I've heard wonderful things about. I have NOT met all of these doctors and cannot personally endorse them, but I'm sharing names for the ones I hear positive things about from friends, my doula clients, and childbirth class students:

Dr. Nuby & Dr. Erwin

Dr. Jones, Dr. Adams, and
Dr. Tran-Lee

Cook Children's Practice

Thomas Newell (NP)

Kelly Fox (NP)

Our family sees Dr. Erwin at Nuby Pediatrics so I can share that we've had only positive experiences with her, and have gotten good feedback from other parents seeing her. They also have a nurse practitioner on staff we really, really like and Dr. Nuby is also wonderful.

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