Paperback Swap

I know, this doesn't seem doula related but it is! 🙂

Paperback Swap lets you list old books (paperback, hardback, whatever) that you don't want anymore. List ten books and get a free credit right away. People can request your books (you pay shipping to them) and when they receive the book they mark it on the site and you get a credit. With your credit you can request any book (and if you listed ten you already got that free credit to try it out.) Books sent to you cost you nothing, and every book is one credit regardless of paperback or hardback, children's book or $80 textbook (which I've gotten!)

What does this have to do with doulas or birth? I've found almost my entire doula reading list on Paperback Swap and most of my lending library is now from books I found there. (If they don't have a book you want you can put it on your wish list and I've gotten a dozen books that way, I just had to be patient!) I just received the Hypnobirthing book in almost brand new condition - WITH THE CD - and it only cost me one credit.

Most of the books I've shipped cost me $2.50 or so. I've received 43 books from them so far with more on the way. I LOVE it, and I thought it was worth sharing so you can check it out as well. Whether you're a doula building your own lending library or needing books for your certification reading or if you're a parent looking for new pregnancy and birth books, go explore it! We've had friends and family give us boxes of books they didn't feel like listing themselves and we've gotten so many credits that way. School books, picture books, Calvin & Hobbes books, piano lesson books, and tons of doula books!

Use this link to go sign up now (and I'll get one free referral credit - if you refer friends you can get a free credit, too!)

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