Our New “Baby”

DogOur family's pet experience has been limited to hamsters & a fish. We've not ventured into a more high needs animal because I was feeling busy and overwhelmed taking care of our human babies. Well, just last week we decided to welcome a new addition - Phil, the dog. Phil's a girl. 🙂 Her real name is Phyllis, and we've adopted her from a fellow doula friend. We were curious how she would respond to being in a home with six very active little ones but it's safe to say that she's flourishing! Our goal was to find a dog with a temperament suited to becoming a therapy dog, both for our own children's benefit and so we could volunteer in the community with our therapy dog. (Our children have enjoyed reading to therapy dogs at the local library this summer - which certainly influenced our decision!) This photo is Phil visiting with three of my doula babies, and she was so patiently laying near them while they loved on her. We've enjoyed welcoming our new family member!

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