‘Only in Denton’ Now Has a Doula!

Only in Denton has added my listing! You know I love my community and adore having the chance to support families through their pregnancies and birth, but also postpartum. My children always ask when we see babies around town, "Did you help them??" and often it is a family from the childbirth class I help teach, someone from the birth center, or a doula client. (I think the record was without any planning on my part I attended a park date and saw five babies whose births I was involved with in some way!) Because I primarily attended births in my town I get to see these babies out and about and watch them grow up.

So I'm really excited by the creation of this great new website, Only in Denton. I know it's going to help connect families with local resources in all sorts of categories. New listings are being added all the time and if you are local you should check it out. (If you are a Denton doula you should also go get yourself listed!)

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