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(Please forgive the wonky formatting - I was typing and discovered my one year old had bathed herself in syrup so I was otherwise distracted and I'm leaving it alone so as to not further leave this wild one unsupervised.) 🙂

My sister had taken my maternity photos in my preemie pregnancy, coming to my home where I was on bedrest - shortly after these photos were taken (me laying in bed) I was admitted to the hospital and our son arrived less than three days later. Then during our time in the NICU and immediately after our son came home my sister was there capturing the moments for us:

So when were expecting again, she caught the photo that I now use for my doula business!  I've been using the same maternity shot on this site, my Facebook page, and Pinterest for the sake of continuity and recognition. That was our first pregnancy post-preemie, and it was terrifying to say the least. Because we had no idea how long we would stay pregnant (seeing as our preemie arrived four months before planned!) we were celebrating each possible milestone.

She was also there to document our little girl's birth - after being under general anesthesia for our preemie's arrival, it was so important to me that I have someone photographing those first moment's of our daughter's life - I had missed the first day of our son's life and I didn't want that to happen again. When our baby was almost a month old we returned to have my sister take her newborn photos:

My sister helped inspire me to offer birth photography to couples, after knowing firsthand how precious these images are for us. SO, if you are in the DFW area and want breathtaking maternity, birth, or newborn photos (and family photos, too!) then here's her site - Rebecca at - you'll love her!

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