Lending Library Addition – Sleep & Nursing

Nursing Mother, Working Mother & the Sears' Baby Sleep BookI'm grateful to live in such a strong, supportive, amazing community for families. Despite our town's population (120,000+ in addition to two state universities) it still feels like a small town where the librarian greets our kids by name, the photo shop has my pictures ready when I walk in the door, and the donut shop gives our littlest a pink frosted donut hole whenever we visit. (Which is much too often, really.)

I'm also thankful to be surrounded by like minded parents. Though our philosophies may not perfectly align (whose ever do??) they are thoughtful, mindful, kind parents. I learn so much from them, and I am blessed by the network of parents they have created as we share this journey.

One of them in particular who has mentored me as well as many others is Alison, and this weekend she texted me to say she had picked up some books for my lending library at a recent sale. I didn't even know the Sears' had a sleep book! I'm glad to have these resources for new parents, and grateful to call Alison a friend. 🙂

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