I Love My Doula Babies

Here is my Facebook gallery with some of my doula babies in their shirts. This evening I made a much belated visit to drop off one of the last shirts I had for my 2012 babies, though thankfully the shirts are oversized so this cute girl hadn't outgrown it yet. I bought these shirts as thank you gifts for the families who welcomed me into their births during my first year as a doula. I far surpassed my goal of attending 2 births, which is humbling to consider. It's a privilege to be present for this sacred experience and I love being able to continue to see these babies grow and flourish. My initial reason for limiting my travel area as a doula is become I have a nursing baby, and I knew I didn't want to be too far from home and spend hours on the road. I hadn't anticipated how attending births in my town would connect me with my community in such a fantastic way. I run into my doula babies at the park, the library, the grocery store! Clients meet and connect with each other, and I am able to watch my doula babies grow up. I love it! I love so much that we can gather for reunions and celebrations and that after watching them enter the world I can watch these babies grow.

I love my work.

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