Gift for the Birth Professional in Your Life Oh, these made me giggle! You can get them on sale RIGHT NOW at if you order in bulk - you can mix and match which organs you get. (Unfortunately the holiday mix pack is no longer available but you can order the individual pins.) I think they're adorable and the pins come on a funny little card. I immediately thought of a few birth professionals I wanted to gift these to, women who have inspired and encouraged me and helped serve our birth community this last year. Is there a midwife or OB you enjoy working with, a chiropractor that helps your clients with great adjustments, a breastfeeding educator or lactation consultant that's supported some of your clients, or a placenta encapsulator that works in your area? Wouldn't these pins make them smile?

But even more than the pins, write them a note and let them know how much YOU appreciate them! I know when I receive a note from a client or colleague that it absolutely makes my day, I treasure those cards and keep them in my doula binder to remind me of how blessed I am through this work.

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