Getting Ready for Baby!

untitled (120 of 244)For first time parents, or for fifth time parents, here are some posts that may be helpful!

Pre-baby (or pre-conception) checklist.

Writing up your birth plan/wishes.

Pre-Baby To Do List for Dads/Partners

Here is the post on comfort measures to practice during pregnancy (the ice cube trick!)

Packing list for the hospital or
Birth center.

My very biased list of baby essentials (and stuff to not bother getting.)

Scriptures that may inspire you through your pregnancy and birth. (If you have more to suggest please let me know!)

Tips for new partners/dads from a father of six! (Includes Kit's swaddling demo video.)

More of Kit's notes from the class for the new dad/support partner.

Helping a slow to start labor also known as prodromal labor.

How you can know when it's time to go!

Tips for your partner to help alleviate your stress in birth.

Here's a great video and photos on comfort measures.

And here to print out is the comfort measures in labor packet, good to review before birth.

Sleep tips for you and your newborn.

To discuss during pregnancy and keep handy for review after the birth - this is the Edinburgh Scale to assess postpartum depression. Please discuss this with your partner, care provider, and doula - Edinburgh Scale

This is the Postpartum Promise, another way that moms can let their care team know in advance that she's aware of PPD and would like their help in assessing her after birth - PPD Promise

Breastfeeding resources post.

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