Gallery App! I Love It!!

While not technically an app, that's what people are calling it. I'm so excited that my husband and wonder tech guy has created this handy dandy new tool for me. When I upload client galleries now they are bigger images, a nicer look (I think!) and better for viewing on mobile devices. Even better, if a client views the private gallery on their phone or tablet device they can click on the little "share" icon on the bottom. It will show an oh, so cute image of their baby with the option to save it to their home screen as a handy dandy button with gallery title. Anyone they share the link with can also save this, of course, and when the button is selected it will launch the gallery. I love it! We have two recent clients taking this for a test run with their family and friends and the feedback thus far is positive. Kit also created a portfolio page (separate from my photo page gallery) so I have my own app to share when I'm on the go. Want to check it out? Let me know what you think! Don't forget, from your mobile device you click the share icon at the bottom of your browser window then you'll see the button you can save to your home screen, should you feel so inclined. Isn't that fun??

*Many images are duplicate from my standard gallery, others are also prints taken at and hanging in the birth center where I work now as a birth assistant (and still work as a doula!) A combination of these will soon become a video slideshow on my photo website, a collection from the 25 births I photographed in 2011-2012!

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