Fresh New Baby – B&W vs. Color



Almost always my photos are in a customized black & white I set up in LightRoom, but I try to include for parents at least a couple photos of their new baby in color. Many moms are curious about what color their baby was, and it's so unique to see a FRESH new baby (often a bit purple or blue!) then just moments later they pink right up. (Neonatal Resuscitation Provider training explains in more detail that babies can take up to 10 minutes after birth to reach appropriate oxygen saturation levels, but if parents aren't warned that colorful new baby can make them nervous!) This baby was just a few minutes old and had just gone from the labor pool to bed for some cuddles with mom.

I loved both of these photos for different reasons, and baby's color was so beautiful that I wanted to share each. Which do you prefer? And aren't mom's orange nails fun?

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