Family Photos of My Little Ones!

untitled (2 of 4)It's been 2.5 years since we had family photos taken, back when our littlest was 3 weeks old. I finally felt ambitious enough to get new pictures taken and thankfully my sister is a professional photographer who is ambitious enough to try and capture my six kids on camera!

untitled (1 of 4)Our previous photos had been more formal, we were all dressed up and had a tiny new baby in her white blessing gown. I love them, but I wanted to go for a different feel with these pictures. Our family has certainly grown and changed in the last couple years and I wanted to capture our current dynamic - the playfulness, the adventures, the fun and craziness of life with six very ACTIVE kids. We spend a lot of time these days at parks and on hikes, having picnics and exploring. My sister suggested we capture that element, and we picked a day when we were also celebrating our oldest daughter's 10th birthday. We had cupcakes, balloons, a quilt that my children's great-grandmother made for their father, and cousins behind the camera helping keep our kids focused in the general vicinity of the lens. 🙂

I let the kids each pick their favorite color and we found shirts, threw on some denim shorts, and basically went barefoot! It was a fun day and a fun experience and we're thrilled with what Rebecca caught for us. These are two of my favorites which I've also used to update the pictures on my bio pages.

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