This was a thought provoking read about the role of a doula and how sometimes our job is to do less - to focus on creating that sense of peace in the birth space:

In the doula training I provide, we certainly go over a whole bunch of nifty tools gleaned from almost two decades on the job, but those are only stepping stones. I prefer to focus on the quality of presence a doula holds for her clients. How do you listen? How do you tune in? How do you hold the space? How do you channel calm into a stressful environment? What may you need to work on within yourself to have more access to insight and intuition? What can you broadcast energetically to bring a positive change to a situation? This is doula-ing in the deepest sense of the word "holistic".

Yes, ironic in light of my training post below. Training is GOOD, it provides another skill set. But I absolutely agree with the author that some of the best doulas are those without any formal training - they know how to help a laboring woman feel empowered and safe, confident and at peace. That's the most crucial work of a doula - to remind a mother that SHE knows best how to birth her baby, and all of us are simply there to support her.

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