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Because of work commitments I am not offering the childbirth class at this time. If you are in need of a class please feel free to contact me and I can help connect you with local resources. In some situations I am still able to offer a condensed class, depending on scheduling. I can be reached at Thank you!

During my doula training I attended several childbirth classes, including sitting in on an entire series of Birthing From Within as taught by two local Certified Nurse Midwives. Over the last year I've been fortunate to be mentored by these midwives as I assist with teaching this class numerous times, then had them watch while I taught the class, and finally taught solo! It's been a wonderful learning experience for ME, as each set of students has asked such insightful questions and caused me to further research and educate myself.

I think the ideal is always to attend a group childbirth class, as the questions asked and the interaction between students is incredibly beneficial. Not all parents are able to attend due to timing, scheduling, and distance. With the encouragement and input of the midwives I've worked to create a condensed childbirth class combining aspects of their class with my additions. Because this is not a specific childbirth program I am able to incorporate components of many approaches and a variety of materials. The link above provides more information about what I cover, and I'm excited to utilize some fantastic resources that will enrich your childbirth experience.

My curriculum is designed to be taught in three sessions of approximately 3 hours each. We'll meet in your home (depending on location) or my home if you are coming from out of town. You'll receive a course packet, access to my lending library with a recommending reading list, and a condensed version of my Happiest Baby class. (Those desiring the full Happiest Baby class can of course request that!) Anyone who will be attending your birth is encouraged to attend our second session, as we will discuss comfort techniques & your care team.

My goal is to custom fit this class to meet your needs, and it can also be combined with my other services. I am offering a sibling class, which can be added to our curriculum if you would like your other children to be involved. The childbirth class can be combined with my doula services for a discounted fee - instead of meeting twice prenatally for 1 to 2 hours as I normally do with doula clients we would instead visit three times for 3 hours each session. This allows us to get to know each other even better as we prepare for your big day!

Due to my doula commitments I take a limited number of childbirth class clients each month, and on occasion I may need to reschedule our session because I am called to a birth. Because of this I suggest parents give themselves at least four weeks to complete the class and readings, with a goal to be done by 38 weeks gestation. If at all possible we would begin no later than 34 weeks gestation, but if you are past this date don't despair! Please contact me and we can discuss scheduling to get your class started asap.

Any questions or want to book me now? I can be reached at Thank you!

Here's a peek at the packet and partial lending library (minus some DVDs and a book already out on loan.) Don't worry, recognizing most of us have limited reading time I specify which chapters are the most important to cover before your birth!


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