Busy, Busy!

I know it's been quiet here on my blog, and here are a few of the reasons why!

* DFW Doulas is a page I created with short bios and links to the websites for an amazing group of women. Each of us is a certified doula serving in the DFW area and we are available as back ups for each other, but if I'm already booked for your birth this is also the group of women I would happily refer you to as a potential doula. Check it out, explore their sites, and let me know what you think! I'm thrilled to have that page up, as until this point when I was telling clients about my back ups or referring on clients I couldn't take I had to copy and paste individual websites into an email. Ta-dah, all in one spot! This are women I know, trust, and would gladly welcome into my own birth space. I feel absolutely confident using them as my back ups, and in fact I feel quite honored! They are brilliant, inspired, and experienced. I learn from each of them with every interaction we have.

* This weekend I will be attending the Birth Stories 101 workshop! I'm thrilled and eager to learn all I possibly can, and I know my birth photography will grow in leaps and bounds from this experience.

* I'm now on staff as a birth assistant at Inanna Birth & Women's Center and I've had four births in the last couple weeks! My training is mostly complete and it has been a fantastic learning opportunity for me. But it also means I'm juggling all sorts of schedule changes and that always takes some adjustment time. It's also a very different role to be the midwife's assistant and providing medical care vs. being the doula and offering the emotional and physical support. I love both roles!

* The childbirth group class is keeping me busy each week, and reminding me how much I love teaching. I've been offering the private class this fall, but coming in January I will be switching to a small group/semi-private (what exactly does that mean??) class with details here. For doula clients I can combine our prenatal visits with the childbirth class as scheduling permits, but because of scheduling I am not currently offering the small group childbirth classes. Those may return at a future date!

I love it, I feel blessed and busy! As I work to handle these new responsibilities I will be less active here, but hope you will find prior posts to still be helpful and informative.

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