Birth Team

BetterBirthDoula.orgIt was good the blessingway was Sunday night, because Tuesday night we all got the call that it was time for Girls' Night Part II: Welcoming the Baby! And truly, this birth felt like such a fun celebration - with great snacks, laughter and tears, hysterically funny stories (the poor mom kept having her laughter interrupted with contractions!) and a sweet spirit of friendship to welcome this beautiful new baby into the world. I was honored to be part of her birth team, as I know and love each of these women. From left to right - me (photographer), Abbie (her midwife), Shannon (amazing momma!), Tonya (her doula, also MY doula), and Maria (midwife assistant.) Thanks to her husband, Mark, for taking the picture for us - usually I'm the one taking the pictures. 🙂 I'll be sharing more photos from her birth soon.

And as a side note - all of us are doulas, which always makes for some entertaining discussions!

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