Birth Supplies List for Home

This is a combination of lists from US based midwives, so check with your local care provider for additional supplies they may need (and please feel free to let me know what things are missing from this list!)

8-10 old receiving blankets
2 towels for mom & 1 for baby
heating pad to warm blankets/towels for baby (midwife may bring)
2 plastic sheets (shower curtains fine) and 2 sheet sets*
hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls (for cord and any blood clean up of sheets)
1 roll paper towels - very soft
flashlight with fresh batteries
medium size hand mirror (if you want to see what's going on)
Candles if you so desire!
2 one gallon ziplock bags (for placenta)
one dozen sanitary pads** and/or depends (at least one dozen!)
12 gauze pads soaked in comfrey tea and frozen (for postpartum)
bulb syringe (midwives may bring this)
peri bottle (for herbal rinse)
herbal bath/peri rinse
ample supply of juices, ice cubes, gatorade, etc
easily digestible foods/postpartum food
bendy straws
snacks for kids/partner
crushed ice in bags
hot pack
crockpot for hot compresses
bowls (placenta & in case of nausea so two bowls!)
cookie sheet (I think this is for them to spread out and examine the placenta?)
list of location of stuff for attendants, tips to help me cope, affirmations, etc.
list of phone numbers of who to call FOR birth (care team) and AFTER birth (family, friends)
olive oil for perineal massage during crowning and for baby's bum
frozen meals
disposable dishes
betadine (midwives bring)
underpads (also known as chux pads - you can find them at Walgreen by the birth center)
4x4 gauze pads
Tea Tree Oil or any other essential oils you like
thermometer for mom/baby (midwives have)
4 black plastic garbage bagsFor birth tub:
inflatable pool
tub pillow (or just use rolled up towels)
small fish net (if planning waterbirth)
connector hose (lead free for filling, standard garden one for draining) and adaptor
pump or buckets to drain tub
thermometer for tub temperature

*Make your bed up as normal, then place the plastic sheet/shower curtain liner over it and make the bed again over that with the second set of sheets.

**Soak some sanitary pads in water, witch hazel, or herbal bath rinse then put into plastic bag and freeze. They are DELIGHTFUL postpartum.

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