Baby Park Date Spring 2013!

BetterBirthDoula.orgThese are some of the sweet babies who attended the park date last weekend. I was at all of their births, and they range in age from a few weeks old to one cutie pie turning ONE the day we got together. There were four other babies in attendance whose births I witnessed but they were asleep/being worn/in their carseat when I thought to snap pictures so I missed one with them, but I hope to do these at least a few times a year so I'll snag them next time. It's a wonderful opportunity for me to catch up with my families, see their adorable babies growing, and for families to connect with each other. I made sure to invite the childbirth classes I taught over the last year and half, my doula and birth photography clients, as well as a local Baby Ladies group (some of whom I birth assisted for at the local birth center.) I set a date and location and baked some goodies, brought fruit and blankets, and then enjoyed the visit.

Doulas, set up a reunion for your families! When I was still a very new doula it was a small enough group I hosted a baby brunch in my home. Then as my client group grew I moved it to a park nearby, but whatever works best for you - reach out to your families!

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