Another Breastfeeding Position

You've probably seen this article already from about breastfeeding positions and the benefits of having babies be belly to belly with mom (as they should be in most nursing positions) but having baby be belly down, with gravity working in their favor. The article has some great points and I'll be sharing it with my childbirth class students and doula clients. The more resources parents have, the better! My only concern would be that the title says moms have been taught the "incorrect" way to nurse, and I think that's an incorrect assumption! Many moms have great success nursing in a variety of holds that may not be ideal for everyone, but work well with them. Each baby and each mom need to find the best fit for them, which may vary from one nursing session to the next and that's okay. However, the article presents really great information about how some moms and their little ones may experience fewer complications or find better success if they try this new belly-to-belly facing down pose for babies.

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