Want to Be My Client?

untitled (176 of 244)This is how my birth doula services work.

My intake form which I need you to fill out before our first prenatal visit.

The birth history form if you've had children before, which I also need before our visit.

My lending library, so please let me know before our visit if you want to borrow any of those.

A variety of other posts about getting ready for your little arrival!

For photo clients: Instructions for how to get the gallery app onto your phone, and I'll email you the link to your gallery within the week of your birth.

Any other questions? I can be reached at heidi@thadenpierce.org.

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6 Responses to Want to Be My Client?

  1. Ashley Barkley says:

    Hello, I’ll be moving to Denton next month and am beginning the search for a doula. I saw that you are mostly booked in 2013. I am due October 1st, would you happen to have any time in that frame? Thought I’d start there before going much further 🙂 Thanks!


  2. Rebekah says:


    I’m due 1/5/14, I’d love to get some more info about your services if you’re available for that time frame!


  3. Amy says:

    Hi Heidi!
    I am 32 weeks pregnant and recently talked with Dr. Dooley about a doula. She recommended you. I didn’t begin seeing Dr. Dooley until 25 weeks so I feel like I am playing catch-up. I know this is really soon but I wanted to check and see just in case you were available. I would greatly appreciate any information you could give me. Thank you so much!

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