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www.BetterBirthDoula.orgThis website was created the week I began my doula certification (April 2011) and quickly became filled with all my thoughts as I went through training - book reports, my experience with seeking out mentors, sharing my mentors' brilliant tips and insights, offering up my mistakes and successes to help others learn! It was a wonderful opportunity for me personally and professionally to chronicle the months of my doula certification, then birth photographer training, becoming a midwife assistant and childbirth educator, and so much more in the years since! I've been blessed to attend 100 births in the last few years and teach over 200 couples through the childbirth class - it's been humbling and enlightening.

As I began receiving increasing amounts of feedback and website visitors I realized I needed to go back and update and revise many of my posts. I was shocked to see I had created over 100 posts specifically under my category "Tips for Doulas!" Knowing it would take a lot of time to work my way through it, and hearing that the information I was providing was so valuable, I made the decision to do things a bit differently going forward. All the information is still here - ideas on everything from supporting a mom with an epidural, peanut ball use, photo tips for doulas, to suggestions on what to wear to births and thank you gift ideas for the medical care team. It's a LOT of information whether you are a new doula or an experienced doula wanting some fresh ideas on further building your business. Instead of having everything lumped together in my main site for clients I've separated out the doula/birth professional posts. They're now privately accessible with a log in and password and I'm offering all this great information for a small fee.

One of my PDFs ("Things to Consider") in the Forms section was also receiving a lot of traffic and many requests from doulas asking if they could use it. That file is being updated and will be available only as part of my Tips for Doulas package.

All this is available for just $30. Seriously, it's over 100 posts - you could read one a week and it would take you two years to get through all these tips. If you find that the tips are not what you are looking for then let me know within the first thirty days and your account can be cancelled and fee refunded. (Because of the nature of this program, a refund will not be given if you've had access for more than 30 days.)

Curious if it's worth it? You can read some of the testimonials I've received on the posts so far. Here's just one of the sweet messages:

I just want to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this site. I just recently decided to become a Doula myself and have been struggling to find helpful advice online. I found your site this morning and have been pouring over it all day long. You answered so many of the questions I have had and helped me think of new ones and I have already learned so much. Thank you again! I look forward to following your story and learning more. – Mandy

A few of my existing posts include:

Getting started.
Going paperless.
Setting your fee.
Marketing your business.
Finding clients.
Keeping track of client info.
Making client visits more efficient.
Doula bag supplies list.
Living life on call.
Tips for your first few births.
When to meet a client in labor.
Cesarean support tips.
Postpartum visit suggestions.

And so many more!

*Some of my posts for doulas I will always keep public, as I feel the information is crucial for all of us to know when supporting moms. Those include my article on supporting clients with a history of trauma and everything related to postpartum depression.*

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