Rave Reviews from Doulas!

Curious if it's worth the investment? Wondering if the "Tips for Doulas" are all that useful? Here are some of the comments I've received so far:

I have never found such an informative site as yours… Bless you for your advice and wisdom in posting this knowledge for all of us entering this career. -Michele

Thank you so much for blogging about this journey. You answered questions I didn’t know I had. In fact, you have made me more hungry to pursue this. Thanks again. - Jennifer

Hi Heidi,
I have to say I am incredibly impressed with the information available on your website. It is purely AWESOME and such a great resource for a new doula like me. Thank you very much for sharing this information!! - Leslie

I just have to say how much I’ve loved and USED the information available on your website. I recommend it to others because it’s so great! - Kelly

Wonderful! Thank you so much for your super useful information, you are seriously the best. - Amanda

I just want to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this site. I just recently decided to become a Doula myself and have been struggling to find helpful advice online. I found your site this morning and have been pouring over it all day long. You answered so many of the questions I have had and helped me think of new ones and I have already learned so much. Thank you again! I look forward to following your story and learning more. - Mandy

Thank you, thank you! I’m just starting out as a doula and I have already bookmarked so many of your pages.  Extremely helpful information! - Stacie

I love your site! It is so nice to have a blog that has so much information not just for moms, but for practicing doulas. - Tara

I just wanted to leave you a comment because I have been following your page here like crazy recently…going back over all your posts and everything. Thank you SO much for having such a comprehensive collection of posts here that can help those of us who are new to the doula-world. You’re awesome! - Christina

Thank you for sharing! Your website is full of great information… going to browse more now  - Elizabeth

This was so informative as I am a student doula just starting out myself. I’ve been trying to come up with a name for my business with a logo. Thanks for taking the time to share your advice. - Celeste

Thank you for these great tips and suggestions. I am so ready and informed about what to pack in my doula bag and I am working on the emergency bag (now) too. - Biany

Thank you so much! Super helpful! I am still in the certification process so I really got some good tips from you! Appreciate it!

Your posts are so helpful! I love finding your pins on Pinterest  - Jasmine

Just what I was looking for when I typed “doula” into the search field on pinterest! Thank you for existing! Helpful for a new doula… - Heather

Thanks so much, Heidi! This is an AMAZING start for me! =D - Bethani

I LOVE your website and am really grateful for the time you put into it! Thank You! - Rebecca

You’re words about being still and holding the space have really spoken to me and touched my heart this morning. As a new doula, I too have felt that I need to seem busy, though there is plenty going on in a hospital setting already, making the need for a quiet still presence even more important. Thank you for your encouragement Heidi. Your website has been SO helpful to me in my new doulaship. Thank you. - Hanah

I just wanted to say thank you for all of this! I am just starting my doula dream and all of the information you post here on your blog is so extremely helpful! I think I have about twenty of your pages bookmarked.  - Jessica

This is SO helpful for a new doula starting out in her practice. Thank you for sharing your time tested tips and tricks. I’m so appreciated of your generosity to the birth community. - Shauna

Thanks a bunch! This all such great info! You are wonderful for sharing! Take care! - Melodie

Wow!! I love your website. I just found it on pintrest. I this month began my certification to become a doula. I live in the FW area and it is awesome finding someone somewhat close who provides such a great resource. (website)  thanks!! -Chassidy

Thanks sooo much, some of this I have done but most of which I have not. It’s going to be interesting being the ONLY Doula in my area, but I can do it!! I appreciate greatly this post. - Christie

As a starting doula this article is PERFECT for me. I love having apps for everything since I’m a chronic list maker and anal about having everything written down and at my fingertips. You included all sorts of things I haven’t thought about so THANK YOU! I was able to download some cool stuff I wouldn’t have known about anyway so thanks again for writing such a detailed, helpful article  - Lisa

This is fabulous! I always come back to your website when I need a pick me up or new ideas. Keep up the great work!! - Stacie

This article helped me to give good support for one of my moms. This is a really well done article, and I recommend it to others. - Kayla

Thank you so much for this article! I’m attending my first birth in a month and I am so excited! This has really helped me to get prepared. - Anya

Thank you for sharing your experience rich tips for those of us who are just getting started. Everything was very practical and wise. - Joyful

Thanks for sharing! I am currently doing my certification through Birth Arts International. All very good advice. - Elora

Thank you for this incredible information. You are a godsend for a new doula. Blessings sister! - Venus

I’m not a certified doula…yet! But I’m loving reading all of your posts and getting ideas. Thank you so much! - Martha

Great help, thanks so much for these types of blog posts.  - Stacie

Many doulas request to link to Kit’s post about Doulas from the Dad’s perspective:

I am a Birth Doula-to-be and was wondering the same thing. Would love to be able to share this story on my site, when it is up and running. Your site is AMAZING by the way! - Lisa

Absolutely excellent post, good Sir. As a labor doula, childbirth educator, and mother of four myself – your advice is spot-on. Thanks so much. - Tiffany

From a childbirth class instructor:

I am a Husband-Coached Childbirth Instructor. Someone linked me to your article and I LOVE IT! My husband and I are expecting our fifth this fall and you are spot on in this post. I have already linked it for my students. I can’t wait for their feedback. - Jennifer

From a postpartum doula & RN:

I just found your website and I found it very insightful. I am a Registered Nurse and I’m in the process of getting my post-partum Doula certification… I am very excited to get started! Thanks for all the helpful info and ideas. - Nancy

From a childbirth educator & doula:

Thank you! As an “older” certified Lamaze instructor but a “new” Doula, I found all your suggestions very helpful. -Joanne

Regarding my doula bag post:

Thank you! This is wonderful. There are a few things I had not thought about yet and happy to add them to my bag! - Angela

From my birth photo tips post:

Love this article! I am shooting my first birth soon and needed this! - Joy

Thanks for the great advice. I am an amateur photographer and have been asked to photograph my daughters friend first birth. I have tried to find some technical advise on this subject. Soooo glad I came across your article. You have been so helpful. - Celeste

Wow, thanks for putting so much effort into this article and updating it so often with new information. I am a starting doula who also has a bit of a photography background and I want to work that into my business… Thanks again and I love the rest of your site too. I’ve bookmarked MANY articles! - Lisa

I hope that helps assure you that the Tips posts are fantastic and worth signing up! Interested? Here's the PayPal link.

Questions? I can be reached at heidi@thadenpierce.org.

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