Tarrant County Birth Network

The Tarrant County Birth Network is just south of me (we don't have a Denton County one... yet... volunteers???) They host monthly meetings and various community events and they just announced that in July they are hosting INA MAY GASKIN!!!!!!!

I know, did your head just explode? 🙂 Or are you wondering who in the world Ina May is? Go read her Wiki Entry

Mid-July (nobody have babies mid-July, I don't want to miss this!!) and more details to come, so go Like the TCBN page.

And in August they've asked our ICAN group if we could have a repeat of our February meeting, the doula one. We covered how doulas can support moms through cesarean births, recovery, VBACs, and learned about the Special Scars group. It was an excellent meeting if I do say so myself. 😉 (I was one of the presenters.) So if you missed it last time then please put it on your schedule now - we'll be in Fort Worth on August 23rd from 7 to 9pm.

I LOVE the incredible birth community we have in the metroplex!

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