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*If you are birthing in or around Denton, I'm referring my repeat clients and any new inquiries to the Denton Area Doulas group.*

untitled (1 of 1)-2I'm Heidi, a doula serving in and around Denton, Texas. Since 2007 I've been attending births & in 2011 became certified with BAI. I love supporting women as they welcome a new little one into the world!

I believe that every mother needs to feel heard & empowered during her birth experience, in whatever location and with whatever care team helps her feel the most comfortable. Each couple has different desires and needs. I am passionate about helping parents explore and articulate their hopes for their birth, encouraging them to convey those wishes to their care team, and helping them experience a beautiful birth. You can read more about how my support has benefited families by reading some testimonials here.

My own experiences giving birth to my six children have included in and out of hospital births, vaginal delivery, c-section, VBACs and water birth. The arrivals of my little ones help me to even better empathize with laboring moms and provide encouragement and perspective. I've been fortunate as a doula to support moms through a variety of labors both in and out of the hospital. Every single birth has been a beautiful, inspiring experience!

I'm honord to work as part of the Great Expectations Doulas group. You can read more about our services here. By working with a collective you are still able to hire me as your personal doula, but you have the assurance of knowing I have amazing, consistent, well experienced back up support just in case.

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