Fear Free Childbirth

FearFreeI was fortunate to visit with Alexia from FearFreeChildbirth.com and we had a great talk about births & how she serves families. Since I'm recently relocated to the UK it was great to also hear a bit about the birth community in my new area, and Alexia's work in particular.

Come check out her book here and you can explore her many podcasts here. Her website also has loads of other goodies for birth preparation, both emotional and logistical.

While Alexia is here in the UK, her services are available wherever you may be and she has clients around the world. I think it's wonderful that expectant parents who may have tricky schedules don't have to worry about transportation or childcare for older children, you can set up sessions with Alexia and work with her in your own home. When teaching private childbirth classes I've offered something similar by using Skype, and I've gotten really great feedback from parents about it so I think online video or audio work can still be incredibly beneficial and often much more convenient for families. Whether this is your first pregnancy and you have concerns, or you've had a previous birth that left you with worries, this is a resource for you. I know after our cesarean birth that my husband and I both were left with fears that we brought into our next pregnancy. Being able to work through them with trained support was crucial in helping us have a more peaceful labor experience with our VBAC babies. As a doula, childbirth educator, and cesarean support group leader I found that many, many mothers are facing similar challenges and I'm thrilled to learn about Alexia's program.

If you are a birth professional then you know firsthand how much the emotions a mother is feeling impact her birth experience, and Alexia is creating a program to help in your role, too. Go check out her training for birth professionals here and sign up to be notified on upcoming programs.

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