New Doula Bag Addition – Rice Pack

I’ve used a rice sack many times at births, but mine was a small square that needed to be held against mom’s back by someone else. It would often be uncomfortably hot on dad or doula’s hands even though it was the perfect temperature for mom. I learned about this pack through our Frontier co-op that also has a washable cover like mine, but that had straps. This way I can more comfortably hold it against a mom’s back, dad can hold it against her while he’s sitting in front of her (around her sides) or a mom can even hold it herself against her back. It also has lavender and chamomile but it’s a very subtle scent. I’m excited to try it soon

You can also find them on Amazon here – Earth Therapeutics Mind/Body Therapy Anti-Stress Comfort Wrap.

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2 Responses to New Doula Bag Addition – Rice Pack

  1. Hi, I’ve been reading and loving your posts. I am on call for 3 mamas at the moment and have been having lots of fun scavenging for new additions to my doula bag. Have you tried this yet, and has anyone gotten sensitive to the scents?


    • heidi says:

      I’ve been using the lavender scented rice pack with any mom having back labor/discomfort and so far only one mom has had an issue with the scent. We talk about smells in our prenatal visits when they check out my essential oils, so I knew in advance she had an allergy and we didn’t use it. Otherwise I’ve gotten great feedback from moms about it!

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